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Thank you for your replies. My backstory goes as follow: I was in a toxic relationship which I got out of over a year ago. The downside was I lost several of my friends - all of which were gay or my age. I am a stable, attractive, young guy. Today, all of my friends are straight and a bit older than me I am young 20s. I am very career-oriented especially recently actually looking for a salaried job I work free-lance and had an epiphany where I realized that I have no friends in there young 20s or who are gay.

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I am ready for a serious relationship, and after failed dating websites and bar visits, I would like to explore my other options because the aforementioned suck. Originally Posted by NowOrNever.

Just keep posting there. And don't be too picky. If you post an ad which says the person must be this and that and all sorts of things are unacceptable, then you have eliminated everybody! For example if you say you want someone "good looking", well many people might not consider themselves "good looking"! Although you may.

And if you are willing to accept a larger range of ages, then more people will reply. I would concentrate on saying the things you would like to do with someone else.

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Go to movies, sit and talk, go for walks, whatever. Also volunteer with any gay groups you can find. Some churches are gay friendly or have gay groups, ask around about that. Everywhere you want to be. I work with a co worker who is male and gay. Very vivacious.

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Where do gay men and women go to meet someone for seriously relationship. I have not asked him that;I feel comfortable enough to ask. I have wondered when you go out to a mainly heterosexual environment are you able to tell who you can flirt with or who is gay?

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I have always wondered Do you guys have any other suggestions? I was in a serious relationship, which ended a year and a half ago.

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Unfortunately, my partner and I had a lot of the same friends [I met him at a bad time in my life and gave up a lot for him]. After we broke up, I lost all of my friends and him, who knew me inside and out. I really would like to start over - and after a year and a half - I am definitely ready for commitment again.

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Gay Forums - Ask an expert about gay. Gay-Bi men relationship advice. NSFW Forums: Gay, Relationship Advice, Bisexual. Question by nvr. Gay Forums - Discuss dating and relationships for gay men.

Go to the ones in the big cities. I'm straight, but I went to a couple because I feel strongly about gay rights and I wanted to back up one of my best friends. There were a lot of young gay people who seemed to be pretty wonderful - you know, it's political activism, so you tend to attract a fairly intelligent or thoughtful crowd.

It wasn't like a big hookup scam - but it was really cool to see all the networking going on. Worst-case scenario? Relationship Advice Share stories, ask questions, get answers. Make sure the boundaries are clear about whether the relationship is open or closed and, if open, what is allowed and not allowed.

Discuss issues like moving in together, marriage, and adoption before taking it to the serious level and make sure this happens within a year. I wanted to move in, get married, and adopt children but the person I was with just wanted to play games. Make sure you are having fun.

Make sure to be safe sexually until you are really committed to each other, have gotten tested, and trust each other in a closed relationship. Underneath the raw and rough exterior I am the childlike adult at the spiritual carnival.

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Knowing what you want to get out of this relationship will end up saving you a lot of headaches and heartaches. Do you want something long-term or short-term? Sometimes you won't know what you want starting out, and unfortunately the only way to find out is through first hand experience. As WizardWalter said, communication is extremely important in order to be on the same page about everything.