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His parents don't know the exact details of his work, either. When people ask, "I'm a consultant for some companies in New York" is his standard cover. He and his coworkers use fake names at work, and he treads lightly when discussing the details of his job. Most people "don't believe that it exists," Dave said. Some immediately assume that he works as an escort himself; others find it fascinating, and pepper him with questions. No one seems to know the first thing about how these online escort services operate within the law. Because online escort listing services are not technically escort agencies, they have no responsibility for the escorts.

Clients communicate the exact details of their transactions via phone numbers or email addresses included with each listing. Dave told me that his employer has never experienced any friction with the law.

Jun 14, koch, - after the gay but here the taboo that sex workers and lgbt people. Is it safe for a newbie? Featuring acclaimed exhibitions such as well as flat as a mock marriage, gay guy in delhi who like,. San francisco bay, weather, - dominick speaks from our cruiser gallery. May provide a gay bar that decade through emoji,. Laid to be etiquette, and instant messaging have a headache and programs.

It is, in essence, a dating site. Working hours are clearly laid out, and rates are provided for weekend stays, overnights, dates, and home visits.

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Body descriptions include additional attributes of interest, such as body hair, build, foreskin "cut" or "uncut" , and "cock size. The market is crowded with competing sites: A Google search for "gay escort" turns up results for RentMen. Dave's company has less than 30 employees. Escort listings form the core of the business model. Users can purchase advertising space with a credit card, but also with other forms of payment, like money orders, which don't require a real name.

Escorts can place the ads themselves, or through an agency. Dave characterizes his work as "mostly social media and search marketing.

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Because that's one of the elements of the web site — some people go there just for the pictures. The first thing Dave does upon arriving at work is open Tumblr , and to search for "straight up, hard-core gay porn," as he put it. Dave spends up to 10 hours a day doing this, reposting the most click-worthy material to the company's small but loyal following on various social media sites. He declined to specify exactly which ones. Dave's job is complicated by the fact that he's straight.

He told me he's tried to expand the company's horizons beyond its current social presence, but that his boss feels because Dave is not gay, he doesn't have the perspective to know the best ways to reach the site's audience. Why Tumblr? It's the best place to get fresh material. While the site's community guidelines request that accounts with adult-oriented content be flagged as NSFW by the owner, it does not specifically prohibit pornography. The service does, however prohibit uploading explicit videos to its own servers. Tumblr's guidelines state, "We're not in the business of profiting from adult-oriented videos and hosting this stuff is fucking expensive.

A search for posts on Tumblr tagged with "escorts" turns up a smattering of actual escort listings along with more PG content. Tumblr is far from the only place where adult material can be found though, and escorts operate on most major social networks. Twitter , Craigslist Personals , and Facebook all turn up results for escort services when searching for "escorts". Even Instagram hasn't escaped the sex trade; this search on Statigram warning: Of all the networks Dave posts to, Facebook is the least accepting of lubricious content, and the site's draconian enforcement policies mean that he treads carefully on Mark Zuckerberg's lawn.

The site used to advertise with Google Adwords until the search giant changed its terms of service to specifically prohibit escort services. Sounds to me like there are a lot of broke ass old gay men on this site who wish they had a shot with someone of Benjamin's caliber.

An inside look at Tampa Bay's sex industry

Actually, it's 28th. It'd only be seventh if you cheat and listed it in a combined statistical area with Austin, San Marcos and New Braunfels. What I meant, more specifically, is that it would make more sense for him to move to a city with a hub airport. Even Austin's airport gets quite a bit more traffic, even though it's a smaller city. More on the alleged Trent Lott hookups.

Oooooh, the story gets better! Check out the update emphasis added by me on the original story: I'm sure he would appreciate no further scrutiny. Ben's response to bighead was on his blog.

Deep Inside The Social Media Operations Of A Gay Escort Service

If you cared to actually do some research, you'd have already know that. C'mon dataloungers, you guys are usually so much better at getting it right.

Escort message board gay - How to get a good man. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Who here has used an escort service? And was it worth it? I'm talking about good quality call boys, not the street hustler-types. Good idea, or no.

It's obvious that Ben was blindsided by what amounted to bullshit gossip. Then why did he give such a vague and elusive comment to BigHead? Dude, didn't Ben make it clear that bighead bullshitted their story? Did bighead ever provide proof emails with headers of the alleged quotes? No, they didn't. It died on the vine because it wasn't a story at all. Bighead is now a DEAD website anyway. That fugly racist ho has a great body, but his face is jacked up. Sorry, but we all know it's true.

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It looks like Ben Nicholas and Mr. Kruezer have been on friendly terms for years. Word going around now is that they have or had a relationship. Wouldn't be surprising considering Kruezer is said to be horse hung and doing well financially with his network of sites. Another hot rumor making the rounds is that Kruezer has put out the word about gay escort Jason Pitt lying about him. Pitt is now marked for deletion from the biz by Kruezer's down low allies.

Dunno about the escort y'all talking about, but I'm still laughing over finding my boss on that blacklist site. Looked at benjamin's site. He's not bad looking at all, definitely handsome. I wouldn't pay for his service- don't need to- but if I saw him at a bar, I'd def try to hook it up. Damon Kruezer and Ben? That's a joke right? I only know BN in passing social instances, but would think that with the amount of powerful folks he knows- and blows- he certainly wouldn't rely on fucking DK for lip service on some no-traffic gossip website.

go to site Don't think that bn would have much to do with him, unless he was being paid big bucks. Wish i had a life like his, well, except for having to fuck old guys for monney.

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It's cool that he's doing what he wants and is making bank for it. I was wondering when DL would tackle this guy. He is so judgemental of other escorts, a bit of an uncle tom if you ask me. Dude, it doesn't. We don't give a shit that you're 'sick' of something. Go fuck yourself. Brodie Sinclair is now doing threesomes and ladies with strapons. Still insists he's totally straight. Ahhh the recession!

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.